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Conditions for the transport of dangerous goods on roads

TIME:2017-10-30   BROWSE:338

qq全保彩票客服 Households engaged in the transport of dangerous goods by road shall meet the following conditions in addition to the basic conditions for the transport of ordinary goods on the road:

1. Dangerous goods vehicles, containers, handling machinery and machinery must comply with the conditions stipulated in the "Rules for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Car" issued by the Ministry of Communications and passed the inspection by the road transport administration agency.

2, with the appropriate facilities and equipment to ensure the safe transport of dangerous goods.

3, parking garage to ensure smooth access to vehicles, with the approval of relevant departments to allow the transport of dangerous goods parked vehicles proof. For vehicles with dangerous goods, a corresponding number of enclosed garages shall be provided.

4. Drivers, escorts, loading and unloading staff and relevant business management personnel who directly engage in road transport of dangerous goods must have relevant knowledge of the transport of dangerous goods and shall have the right to transport the goods by the road transport administration agencies above the local (city) level or the transportation of dangerous goods Management agencies issued the assessment of the "road transport of dangerous goods permits."

5, dangerous goods transport vehicles drivers have more than 2 years of safe driving experience or safety mileage to reach more than 50,000 km.

6, units engaged in the transport of dangerous goods on the road business, in addition to the conditions prescribed by the "Rules" above, but also have more than 5 vehicles shipped dangerous goods, more than 3 years engaged in transport management management experience, with the corresponding Professional and technical management personnel (of which at least one has a junior professional title of chemical professionals), and has established and improving safety practices, job responsibility vehicle equipment maintenance, repair and safety and quality education rules and regulations.

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